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Drones on demand

Welcome to the future

A revolutionary, mobile-first, on-demand drone delivery service.

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Fast & Light

Our drones can carry 500g and fly up to 400ft.

Private & Secure

On-board cameras capture live footage, pixelating anything identifiable.

Intelligent Sensors

Realtime sensors monitor surroundings to avoid collisions and maximise safety.


Requested in seconds via the Bizzby App. One tap pick-up, drop-off & release.

Safely Delivered

Automated secure storage for transportation, all controlled from the Bizzby App.

Return Home

Redundant battery kicks in and returns to home GPS co-ordinates.

Try it on the app

NOTE: This is a simulation of the service and is not a real booking

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“Our vision is to create an on-demand drone delivery service that can be booked in seconds on your smartphone, delivered in minutes.”

Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, Founder & CEO @BIZZBY

“This is the future and we’ll be the first in the world offering peer to peer on-demand drone deliveries via smartphones.”

Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, Founder & CEO @BIZZBY

“Drones can carry small items from keys to letters but also emergency medical items, like Epipens, inhalers or medicine that would take longer to deliver any other way.”

Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, Founder & CEO @BIZZBY


Is this for real?
Although it looks like something from the future, this is entirely for real. We have built the technology and drone and trialled over private airspace.
Is it legal?
Not entirely (yet!). The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) have not authorised the use of UAV over populated areas. This requires careful planning and safer technology as well as laws covering uses before drones are fully legalised and given permission to fly.
What can the drone deliver?
Currently our drone protptype can carry anything up to 500 grammes in weight and measure upto 25 cm (H) x 40 cm (W) x 120 in (L).
Can I help in anyway?
Yes, in actual fact you can. We’ve prepared an e-petition at Number 10 to get government and parliament to consider a Drone Bill, allowing the use of Drones for filming and deliveries within the UK. You are free to sign our petition here — the more support the better!
Is it safe?
Yes. There are some more advances in technology required, and we need to further refine failsafe options and methods for protecting the public (should anything go wrong whilst the drone is flying).
I can’t see how this can really happen?
We believe drones can be regulated in the same way as air traffic control. It simply requires the government and regulatory bodies to consider the future now, so that systems and processes can be put into place to support this in our airspace in the future.
What about privacy issues?
We’ve trialled real-time pixelation of anything identifiable during the live video feed so privacy is retained at all times.
Can’t someone just steal the drone or shoot at it?
Well, yes. But that's what laws are for.